Here all the patterns I am able to do (Check back every so often in case I have added more)

Pictures on bottom half of page are copyrighted to JD of TIAT

Genoese Zipper Sinnet

Snake Belly Bar


Trible Corba Stitch.

Wide Zipper Sinnet

Lizard's Tail Sinnet. (Pyramid shaped)

Dragon's Tongue

Front and back views of KBK Bar

Six (6) Strand braid.

Four (4) Strand round braid.

Trilobite Knot.

Monkey Fist


  Back to Back Feather Bar


  Backbone Bar

  Caterpillar Solomon Bar


  Corkscrew Crown Sinnet


  Crisscrossed Solomon Bar


  Mystic Zipper Sinnet. (Also available in 1 color)

  Ripcord Sinnet


  Round Crown Sinnet


  Royal Crown Sinnet (wide)


  Stiched Solomon Bar


T-virus Sinnet


  Thorn Branch Sinnet


Tire Tread Bar